Green Health

The idea of reprocessing/remanufacturing is simple: Single-use medical devices (SUDs) are treated as assets, not trash. Most SUDs cannot be used again; they must be thrown away or recycled. However, many SUDs can, with the right clinical and technical expertise, be remanufactured to perform at their original level for one or more additional uses.
Stryker is dedicated to developing the safest, most effective remanufacturing practices, so that hospitals can safely use reprocessed/remanufactured devices and live up to their responsibilities as environmentally friendly, patient care-focused institutions. 
Today, Stryker’s remanufacturing operations are based on state-of-the-art clinical and technical practices, and its service and distribution system allow its partners to integrate reprocessing/remanufacturing seamlessly into their supply chain management systems.
Healthcare is responsible for wasting massive amounts of resources, and the impact on the environment and on the quality of healthcare is enormous. At a time when environmental initiatives are becoming more important and focus is on improving our healthcare system, sustainability initiatives are the cornerstone of responsible hospital behavior.
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